I am back to Mac! And I have a few questions

Hey guys I am back! high school is all over now and college is soon to come, anyways I finally switched back to mac. XD My first computer was a mac, a Proforma running mac os 7.5, then when my mom’s company switched to the dark side I went through a torturous journey through Windows 98 and 2 PCs struggling to use the power hungery Photoshop and Illustrator. though when when my sanity was on the line (when the memory and part of the mother board just… well dissolved in the abyss) I saw the light in Future shop and the apple geeks web comic. since I was not able to go on the Europe trip the money saved went to adopting an beautiful 20" Intel iMac.

So… I am more settled in, from my leap from 7.5 to tiger, though I just have to ask just a few silly questions. So I am running blender on the older python because I eard the new release on OSX was not too stable, so do you guys think I should risk it? Audacity made a mess on my mac for some reason .swf(aka flash files went muted though I finial got it back to normal).
Also for open office I heard I need X11 to run it I did some searches on google and I could only find guides for people switching from 10.3 to tiger. I tried to find the optional installers as the said in the guide on the OSX DVDs, so do you know where I could find it for my intel iMac?

So for the silliest question um… how do you re size blender’s window? I can see or grab the diagonal lines at the bottom right corner.

I’m also on mac, and I have Python 2.4 without any problems. I’m on mac 10.4.3, but I’m not on an intel mac. You know you can run windows on your mac right? That’s why i’m thinking of getting an intel mac, just for battlefield 2 ( I would never use windows for anything else )

X11 eh? Yeah, ‘Gimp’ also needs X11, and at one point I wanted the gimp, so I needed X11. I found the install for X11 on one of the OSX CD’s, I can’t rembember which one so try all the CDs that came with it. I think it’s in a folder on the CD called ‘Optional installations’ or something.

As for resizing blender - The little tabby in the bottom right corner is for some reason invisible. Resizing it works for me, but the only other thing i can think of is to press the little green window sizer ( Shown in the picture below, red and blue outline ).



I’ve had my 20" imac PPC for a little over a year and I love it. OSX does take awhile to get used to but it is definately a slick OS.

I have had issues trying to get Blender 2.41 to run but 2.40 runs fine so I left it alone for now.

Chaser is right. At least for my imac X11 was on the first install disk. Run the optional installs installer and it should be on the list of things that you can install.

Good luck and enjoy!

Instead of openoffice X11, I suggest http://www.neooffice.org. It is a port of openoffice specifically for the mac, and you won’t have any problem with fonts or printing, which were the major snafus that I ran into when I tried openoffice X11 for mac.

I agree with using NeoOffice except I don’t think there’s an Intel native build yet. The only decent native text editor I think is Pages and you get it with the iwork package. If you do presentations, it comes with Keynote which kicks Powerpoint’s ass.

I’m glad to see you switched back. I just wish my uncle would do the same. I restored his XP system just Tuesday and I went back up on Saturday and he had 22 viruses and 250 malware items. I mean what kind of shit OS gets buggered up in 4 days?

He has a really bad virus too where if you try to remove it, it shuts the system down. Even booting safe mode wasn’t working. I spent another 8 hours and I still didn’t get the junk removed.

Just after the Windows message, it sits at a black screen for about a minute before logging in and shortly after login it pops up some ads. The little jingle plays about 5 minutes after the desktop appears so I presume it’s taking that long before it’s usable.

Anyway, I don’t like X11 on OS X. It runs too slowly for me. I prefer native stuff so I’d go for iwork + Photoshop Elements + Blender. For vector stuff, I’d make the exception for Inkscape X11 over Illustrator.

Are you using the ‘Mighty’ Mouse btw? I can’t stand that thing. The ball isn’t bad but the clicking is pretty bad IMO.

The latest build, NeoOffice 2.0 Alpha 4, is available for both powerpc and intel macs.

welcome back to the light side! lol

well, if you were wondering where to get x11, its on your install disk, the x11 download from the apple site is for os 10.3x i think

Chaser I can’t seem to find the folder “Optional installations” I looked through my DVD’s there is just installing OSX and bundled software and Xcode tools I could not find any additional software just iLife in the bundle software.

I have heard of people finding their games running better on boot camp than on their old PC, though I have had it with Microsoft, plus I use my PS2 and my PSP for my gaming needs.

block01cube I tried out neo office and I thought it was a completely different office suite I was more interested in open office because I was using it on my pc when I had it with Microsoft, also I heard that neooffice was unstable. I still want to find X11 for gimp to use it as a fractal flame generator. since apophysis is going to be the only thing I will miss.

Osxrules don’t I know it, I would have at least 2 non responsive errors a day, even when I got firefox i still needed to scan for spyware since my family members were sill using IE. I still have to deal with my grandmother who is completely hopeless even with a for dummies book, I swear she is only good at sending chain mail.
I was using my mightly mouse clicking it is a bit though I am using my graphire 3 wacom table.

There are OS X native versions of GIMP, too. Try SeaShore to start.

NeoOffice rocks.

I can verify X11 is on the Intel install DVD, as is Xcode (development tools, good for compiling).

I spent several hours today testing the Blender 2.42 release candidate on an Intel iMac, and I didn’t run into a single problem. It renders over 2x faster than the 2.41 PowerPC version emulated in Rosetta.

I also stopped using the Mighty Mouse. I use a $30 Logitech Trackball instead and it works great. The only thing I liked about the Mighty Mouse was the scroll ball, I’m looking forward to that eventually being included by other manufacturers…

I found the mighty mouse the more comfortable mouse that I have ever held though clicking is a bit to tough, I know that depends on the person because most people I know slam on every click. I installed the extras from Xcode tools in both packages, though I still don’t see X11 in utilities. hopefully it’s somewhere else, though I am glad to hear that blender2.42 is running smoothly on intell macs.