I am back

(monocult) #1

hi, I am back

after a hard time without an internet connection. (the Hd of my computer crash’s)

but now some new work from me.




Gruß Daniel

(ec2) #2

Welcome back. Your Lightflow Philips Fan render is top notch.

(kaktuswasse) #3

what is the second picture? I can’T get it. :stuck_out_tongue:
The Fan is very goodl, but is it really lightflow?
@ec2: where did you get that?
It has some bad aliasing but other than that it’s great :smiley:

The last thing could use some work on the textures and more details.

cya henrik

p.s.: nice to have you back :slight_smile:

(ec2) #4

…from the title of the graphic.