I am becoming death destroyer of worlds.

What would be the ramifications if half of gravity was objects attracting each other, and the other half was empty space rejecting it?


Your result would be the movie, Gravity.

Please define ‘Half of gravity’, how does it get split in half (considering that it’s not something that’s physically seen)?

Obviously the explanation will involve dimensions and time, space. Captain Kirk too. Gotta buzz in the enterprise, the fuzz will arise.

Cool. I want a hit of that. Haven’t had something that good since the 60’s…

(Yeah… the 60’s. What’s it to ya? Huh? Huh? “These kids today …”) :wink:

well it would explain expansion. its just empty space rejecting everything :smiley:

You too? Yup. I was a “Headbands-&-Hippies” era guy!