I am beginner to blender feedback appreciated


Are you sure you’re a beginner? :wink:

well been learning for a month now :d

…after one month? … :o

I wish I was as good as you… and I have been doing this for almost a decade.

You are not funny How can I even compare to you , your work is like 100x better than mine :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a huge compliment, thank you. I think I don’t really have the patience with urban or industrial art. I have tried it many times… like making a classic Resident Evil back alley or a rundown silent hill scene… it really takes a lot of attention to detail. But this has inspired me to do something similar. I really like this

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Great work!

What did you used for textures?

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what you mean by

and ty !

I mean if you created the textures in blender or used any other tool

Oh I got them from textures.com

First of all I agree with the rest of the gang that you have done an excellent job, but since you wanted feedback, I think that the yellow bannister is too bright and clean. The metal grid on the staircase pretty much stands out too, unless it’s intentional.

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This is really a great start. I love all the details. Well done!

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There may be a subplot here: perhaps the handrails just got painted in what is to become a story of urban renewal.

But yes, they stick out like a sore thumb in relation to all the other weathered surfaces. Still, a great effort and definitely above the average line for just one month of work. I think he’s lying. He probably works for Steven Spielberg designing aliens spaceships as his day job. :slight_smile:

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Ty for pointing it out Tiku and Roland I havent noticed the handrails at first but now i see that they really stick out and I’ll try to change them in a way that it will be pleasant to look at them x)

Geez, your texturing and lighting is mad.
I have come to a conclusion that, you are not a beginner oooo, at alll
Good work