I am bobby . can anybody give me some tips about my work?

hello there, I am bobby, 14 years old, live in Holland and am trying to learn blender. I’ve bin already 2 years known with blender and am making progress (hope you can see).

the url of my homepage is home.hetnet.nl/~blender.

I hope you can give me some tips.

greetings bobby

p.s. maybe you can give also tips for my website itself.

woohoo! more dutch guys, (hallo)

well, just a small comment on your website: choose different colors! ahhhhhhhh my eyes!

your renders look nice.


I will work on that.

lightblue. clouds maybe?

greetings bobby


Your woprk is really very good man! :wink:

In your images gallery - I like the first pic of the pool. It has a wonderfully “industrial graphic” feel to it. Very professional.

I also very much enjoy the whimsical quality to the fifth pic. Such a neat concept… the little cars, the circular drive… a very nice composition.

Of course, the bohemian artist in me is totally in love with the abstract image of pic #3. Great color scheme, nice design…

I hope we’ll continue to see your fine work posted.

And as far as your web page colors… they rock man… like your pics…

:smiley: Jason

VERY important. click the “OSA” button in the render buttons group and watch as the quality soars!

nice site, nice work. I like your designs and the abstract pictures.
Keep it up.


Nice stuff,

I like it, site colors are a bit shocking though…