I am devastated

I just learn this weekend that my brother have metastatic colorectal cancer and he had a pulmonary embolism!

We will have the complete diagnosis probably tomorrow so please just send the good vibe to my brother Gerard in Charles-Lemoyne hospital.


Oh shit, so sorry to hear that man… Hang in there, and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you.


That is rough. Here’s hoping for the best for you and yours, man.

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That sucks, man! :frowning: Sending good vibes your way.

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Delivery of good vibes in progress. Hopefully by the time they reach it’ll be better vibes.

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Hang in there! Cheer up! Get well!

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Shit…Though I had friends or friends of friends going through that at various levels of success.

Having my brother (even though we dont’ talk) … that would kill me on the inside. I’m defintely sending good vibes, and keeping my cubes in Blender in his name for the future projects.

As long as he fights it he has a very good chance, dont’ let him give up.

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That sucks very much. I wish you, your brother and your family the best. Modern medical science has come a long way. Multiple family members of mine have perfectly survived cancer, so there’s definitely a good chance things will work out right.

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I usually prefer to be silent in a sign of respect in these cases.
Best Hopes.

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Sorry to hear that. I hope he will be able to recover.

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Thank Bart that’s very nice from you!

Thank Renzatic but after reading a bit on the subject there is hope since he is a strong guy and it’s not an automatic death sentence anymore.

Thank Cody.

Thank for the positive post.

I’m sorry.

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Thank Mephist0.

Hang in there bro, I will put you all in my prayers. We are together. Stay strong :muscle:

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I saw my brother last night and he seem to be doing fine for now so now we only have to wait for the complete diagnosis to know which direction this will take.

But i already start to bring him juicing compose of celery, carrot, kale, broccoli, beet, apple and ginger.

I also give him apricot seeds .

So at least my brother listen to me and his body will start to fight back with proper nutrients.

Thank Eric that’s very nice and i do believe that together we can influence outcome with positive thinking.

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So sorry man. :frowning: I hope in better times for your family.

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