I am doing retopology for the first time can someone take a look?

What is the best methods for retopology. Quickest/best methods and what are the best free addon/plug ins? Any good tutorial videos I should watch?

Also what are the keyboard shortcuts for my retopo tools I will be using most ofteten?

I use this method Without the subdivision on the new mesh. The tutorial uses the F2 addon look that up if you don’t know it already.

Less is better, use less for the new poly grid surface.

yes, this is a good reference for head, but there are other tutorials (this uses 3d-coat, but the tools are the same)

How do i pull up the f2 add on?

it’s shipped with Blender you just need to activate in user preferences/addons.

also there are some advanced tools for retopo, but even with the basic ones it’s relatively easy and it’s better to learn to do it with the basics.

No i mean after i install how do I , where do i pull it up from?

i1m not sure I get the Question… You use it by pressing the f key, what it does it makes the algorithm to create new faces smarter. If you see the ending of the first video i posted it uses the f2 addon by selecting a single vert and pressing f (from 5:53).

When do i use the f key when trying to bridge edges?