I am downloading Maya just now. I think I will be a maya user now!

Of course talking of Linux. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going to try linuxmint 13 “Maya” in other hard disk and see if I will miss something from ubuntu or not.
I am actually using Cinnamon as desktop in ubuntu but seems stupid not to try a system that the Cinnamon developper probably designed to avoid all the sillyness going on in ubuntu now. For example in ubuntu you open the Startup Applications to deactivate things you probably not are using and what you have in ubuntu now? You guess it: they just hidden all in that app. But in linuxmint it shows all the crap you know you don’t want to be running (like in windows it is the first thing you do with the services there, even shutting down services that you wonder if it is the CIA or the FBI that created them to spy on you (and you would be surprised you are not wrong, but that is another tale…).

So I will do even comparations rendering in blender. Linuxmint13 versus Ubuntu12.04 with all the crap running and no way to deactivate! Who will win? We will see…
(I know, there is probably some obscure way of deactivating the things in ubuntu editing some obscure text file somewhere, but why they hidden things? Linus Torvalds hate this hiding of things and I hate it too. I want all to be able to be configured with a mouse. So I will take a look and post here my impressions.

This is the linuxmint 13 “Maya”:


First thing is to download the Manualand have a read while the ISO is downloading!

Linux Mint is getting sued in 3, 2, 1…

hah! I feel like the name was chosen with laser precision for a blender-user to make this joke

is alt+Left click disabled by default in the interface?
( i havent tried cinnamon yet, i downloaded it just haven’t installed it)

(In other words will Maya style keymaps work in Blender,
or does it drag the whole window like most Linux distros)