I am facing problem in action_nla.blend

In the Action_NLA.Blend which you get with Blender,
I am facing one problem
There are different NLAs walk.sassy, leap, blender,action.005,falling
and constrainer
When you 1st time open the file NLA:constrainer is selected and it is
working fine…
Now suppose I select some other NLA like walk.sassy and then run the
animation, the animation got disturbed.
Now I again select NLA:constrainer, it is still disturbed…
Now again I click on constrainer and run the animation, It is not running
as usual. Now I have to close the Blender without saving, and re-open
action_nla.blend then the animation is working alright.

I want to know How I can join 2 or more NLA strips as done in action_nla.blend
which should not be disturbed.

What do you mean by disturbed? Also, which version are you running - 2.43/2.44?


Hi AligorithI am using 2.43Just open that file and run the animation.Now just select some other nla for example leap and run the animation.Now again select constrainer and run the animation.See what happens?

I Hope that Ideasman42 will have some answer for me?