I am Looking for a job in the 3D field

My name is bahaa saleh
I am living in Syr Damascus
I work in computer design
I am Looking for work in the 3D field as 3D artist In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or United Arab emirate or in any other job available in Gulf or in Sultanate of Oman.

[email protected]

Thanks a lot

You might need a demo reel to attract more “fish” if you know what I mean.

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The Jobs forums are for offers of work, not for soliciting your availability to do work.

Two-and-a-half suggestions:

(1) Yes, you will need a “demo reel” of some of your work.

(2) “Bloom where you are planted.” In your home town, someone is probably doing something somewhere with 3D, and could use a little help. Be very imaginative in thinking where that might be, and master the art of the sales “cold call.” Ask them if they have any openings or know of anyone who does. Be sure that you have perfected your “elevator pitch” describing what you can do … what you have to sell, whether that be (today …) little or much.

(2a) “The most important thing in life is ‘someone who will speak well of you.’” When you find that local person who’s doing anything remotely connected with 3D, and once you get inside his door, be timely, polite, professional, and in every way make yourself be “someone whom that person will speak well of.” Cause the person who hired you who will be well-pleased to have hired you and to, one day, very sorry to see you go. And let the same be said by every person whom you work with. Word gets around. People do talk to other people at dinner parties. Let them say, “hey, now that you mention it, I know of a really hard-working young person named Bahaa Saleh …”

Word-of-mouth … with the words coming from someone else’s mouth … is the most-powerful form of marketing that there is. Your first few jobs might be nothing-at-all like the job that you dream of, but “one thing leads to another,” and as you build your good reputation, doors appear from nowhere, and they open. You are seen as competent, faithful, dependable, skilled, reliable, and trustworthy. Everybody wants to hire a person like that, because they’re hard to find.