I am looking for a webhost.

Does anyone know any good free hosts I would like no ads put one thing is my mother doesn’t want it “public”(able to search “blender stuff” and find it in Google etc.) that’s it really.

I did Google search it!

If you’re satisfied to start with a free blog hoster, I can recommend wordpress.com. You get a free wordpress blog with 3GB of file storage, should be enough to get you started. On the features page there’s a paragraph about privacy options you can set in your blog which should satisfy your mother, I think.

The downside is that you can’t make your own layout themes unless you pay a fee, but you can choose from several themes available, some of those are customizable to a degree (custom header image and such).


Got wordpress my blog is blenderstuff.wordpress.com i’ll try and up date as often as I can.

Come on to googlepages.com
My http://kkrawal7.googlepages.com
and http://kkrawal7.googlepages.com/3danimation42
and http://kkrawal7.googlepages.com/3danimation
and its all free

set up your computer as a webserver and use that.

You must have not read the full first post. It needs to be “private”(not show in search engines, but anyone I give the link can see it.)


Care explaining?

install Apache
drop your website into the ‘host’ folder i.e. /var/www on Linux.
set your router to forward port 80 to your computer
find out your external IP adress, http://whatismyipaddress.com/
set up a dynamic DNS so you can acsess your website without knowing your external IP adress, http://www.dyndns.com/

It needs to be “private”(not show in search engines, but anyone I give the link can see it.)

search engines work by ‘crawling’ the web, flowing links from one site to another. The only way I can think of making a ‘private’ website would be not putting a link anywhere on the internet. or posably use only the IP adress to acsess the page.

that’s odd my wordpress doesn’t show on google and it’s bean linked on a few forums I am on.

I don’t know why exactly, but Google seems to be slow at finding sub-domains. your blog is a sub domain within wordpress.com. www.hessiess.dyndns.org (the old address of my website,) did not show up in google ether for a long time. now it shows the places where i put the URL on the internet, but no direct links.

same with mine, just shows the places I linked to it.

It takes 4-6 weeks for google to process your page.

sorry to dissapoint your mother but anything you make on the web is public. google doesnt care about passwords and boundarys it will still show up in search engines… if your not useing webhost for makeing stuff for web or selling or a community website theres no reson for one. i know of a bunch of free ones but they all have ads and have cruddy links. what are you going to use the webspace for?
also note google ususally takes a few weeks to link your site to the search

I clicked a button in the settings to disallow Google and other search engines from indexing my page will it link to it still?