I am looking for an inspirational Blender 2.49b modeling demo video...

I am at the point in my Blender learning now that I want to see some of the amazing things others have done with Blender 2.49b. But more than that, I want to see them making these things. It’s a good way to pick up on new techniques.

I don’t know how to YouTube search anymore. It’s all screwed up. I try to look for Blender 2.4 and set the length to long, but for some reason I still get Blender 2.5x and short videos.

I figured someone around here might know of something they ran across that piqued their interest. If so, could you share a link? And if you are a Blender 2.49b user, and happen to enjoy recording yourself making cool things for hours at a time, I would love to see your work!

Please note I am not that much of a fan of character modeling/animation. I will gladly accept links to such material without compliant. But I prefer scene modeling, architectural modeling, or even the making of environments for a game.

There does not have to be any talking in the video. If there is it’s not like I can’t mute it or something. But I am not looking for an instructional video here. I am looking for a modeling demo.

Music is fine, again I can mute it as needed. I loved, absolutely loved, the way they did the Chaos and Evolution videos! Even though it was all about drawing and character design, that was pretty cool stuff! I would love to see something like that for modeling an environment.

One of the best videos I ever saw along these lines was for Cube 2. It was a really good editor, you could make tunnels and caves, but everything was done in cubes. So you had to be creative. I watched for I don’t even remember how long as someone made an awesome lighthouse with all the architectural details. Really pushing the editor. Here is a link:

If you that was cool, check out this, all made with the Cube 2 editor out of modified cubes:

It makes my brain hurt trying to figure out how they did that stuff. Imagine if they started to use something like Blender with that level of skill!

I am looking for something like this for a Blender 2.49b modeling demo. Something I can watch while eating lunch and be inspired. Please post a link if you know of anything.

Thank you.


Looking now. Thank you!

Thank you sir! Once again you have come in quickly with an excellent answer! Me very very happy right now!

And that’s impressive, considering I have been feeling, at all levels, like the stuff that comes out of the back end of a cow.

Much appreciated!

Here are some I found, though nothing for 2.49b yet :frowning:

The main channel of that guy:

Why are you still stuck with 2. 49?

I didn’t like it when the new blender interface came out but it took me like a week to adjust and get up to speed again.

I think I need a prepackaged response to this since I get asked it so much…

Long story short I am working with Blender 2.49b because the plugin PyPRP only works with that version of Blender. That plugin allows me to create my own ages for Uru Complete Chronicles and MOUL (Myst Online Uru Live.) I am wrapping up a tutorial series I wanted to complete. But I am not quite done with Uru yet. I may want to master PyPRP and make a few ages first. Eventually I will move on to Blender 2.7x and Unity 3D.

You could model in latest versions and if the stuff is not rigged transfer it back to 2.4 checking “Legacy format” on toolshelf and use export scripts there.
Modeling is much more easier in 2.7

Down in the list is 2.4 modeling stuff: