I am looking for community driven rendering farm ....

Hello colleagues!
I am looking for community driven rendering farm to join. In general I want to provide cpu and gpu time for a long period and I need faster rendering when I have to render something.

I found http://www.renderfarm.fi but this is strange project. I created account there but I did not receive any job to compute also there are many errors on the site (python tracebacks). Is there any similar project where I can donate computing power and sometimes when I need to render my model I can use them?

Thanks in advance!

I found http://burp.renderfarming.net and I am going yo test it … will share my opinion after some time

I think you can try a more professional render farm,like Fox Renderfarm.
Skilled services could do big help for your rendering.

I like the idea behind BURP, right now i’m using it, but I think there is no blender file to render, maybe there is a lack of users, but I think more people should use this tool to help people that can not afford a professional render farm

There is vswarm.

You should also have a look at the SheepIt render farm. It’s a Blender only community driven render farm:


i’ll give it a try, since i’m on Linux i can not use vswarm :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using Linux too. The client works very well on Linux. You can even download a JAR file so you can start the render client on the command line instead of the browser.