I am looking for Olivier Saraja

Hi guys!

I transalted a tutorial by Olivier Saraja and I’d like to ask him know. if he’d mind me putting it online.
His old email adress just doesn’t work anymore ([email protected]).
Does anyone know his email adresse?




hey fligh %

in that profile is the same email adress, but doesnt matter.
i did pn him anyways!



olivier dot saraja at linuxgraphic dot org is my new e-mail address. Sorry that I forgot to change my profile.

permission granted to translate my tutorial for blenderpolis.org

thanks for your interest in my poor works


your works are just great man!

Do you know anyway why I cant upload my avatar? i press on the button to browse on my computer , find the file and press submit, but nothing seems to change!?[/b]

it has to be an 65 x 65 8kb gif.