I am looking for tutorial UHD TV 4K Animation

I currently render animations for a huge screen at a basketball venue at the moment this does not need UHD.

I have been looking at UHD TV as an option for our proposed new venue this is still at least 18 month away.

Nothing is fixed at present but I want to experiment with animations displayed on UHD TV there is a posibility we would have a bar and a corporate area with a UHD link to cameras viewing the game.

During times when we are not viewing the game we would display sponsor messages etc and I am resposible for the production of these animations.

Now we know Blender is capable of 4K animation as there are released versions of Big Buck Bunny etc. in 4K resolution

As I say we don’t need this yet but I would like to get up to speed on this.

Can anyone point me at a tutorial in whatever form on how to achieve 4K Animation (Note not stills)