I am making a short and I need some help.

Hello everybody. My name is Adam and I need help. I am making a short based on a horror script I wrote in high school. I need a few things. I need a cabin , trees (that would be in a forest), rocks and possibly characters. You will be credited and I will post it on this site if possible. I have been using blender for a long time and will be using luxrender for better results.

Also if anyone has concept art o a forest that would be a great help.

So what characters do u need?

I need four high schoolers all in camp attire. Two of them are female, the other males. If you can make one girl and boy have a red shirt and shorts and the other a orange. I need a counselor (one female, the other male), a snake (with scales and a black mamba) and an owl. Thanx for the help.

i think that this isn t a game, and i think that this kind of order isnt is cool, I think that if you want somebody to help you on this maybe you could revel more of your project to this person, this ll make them want to join on your project.

I agree with leonnn. This is not the place to post this thread. It’s for making Blender games only.

Thanx for the advice I will expose the site more and give more detail.

A short? I am wondering what it is!

Where would you post group animation stuff at? I’d be interested in helping, but I’m horrendously new to blender.