I am missing something ....Frustrated

My first post here on the forums. I have visited them many times and found alot of usefull info. I have been into Blender for around 5 months now. Love it!
I am currently working on a short animation for a family reunion and am to the point of wanting to test some lipsyncing for my narrator. I have read the online Blender manual (for RVKs) and visited the Blenderchar website for direction. I am using the 'learn as you go ’ approach.
I have been able to create a couple RVKs ( I know not enuf for a full lipsync but doing a test) . When I create the IPO curves for the different RVKs the char doesn’t animate. If I click on the corresponding blue line for each RVK the mesh conforms where it should go.
For the IPO curve I highlight the RVK(corresponding blue line) then click on the key to the right and hit ctrl left mouse. I try to see the results but when I hit ALT-A nothing changes on the character. Am I missing a step somewhere? I have tried this in Blender 2.25 and 2.32 . I know it has to be something simple I have overlooked but after 3 days trying different approaches I have become very frustated with myself. grrrrr. Any help or suggestions?

cocidius - You’re not alone - sometimes it takes a while for the concept to sink in. See if this tutotrial at Blended planet helps you.


Thanks room335 !!! It did help alot. For some odd reason I had too many RVKs on top of each other. Once I deleted the ones that were duplicated I found the movement I was looking for. ON to finish the test.

Don’t forget that there are sliders in the action window that
can make the task of lip syncing a lot easier.