I am new..so what is new

Hi all, I just found about this software. I am interested in learning a 3D package, the philosophy behind this one sounded good.

All help appreciated, all advice welcome.
I am a video editor of 13 years of experience in the following softwares, Avid Media Composer (have not used it in more than 4 years), Discreet Logik Smoke* (not touched it in a year) and my favorite, Final Cut Pro.
So if any of you have any questions on any of them I will be more than pleased to help, for i know I will have a lot of questions about Blender.

peace to all


First welcome to Elysiun.
You will most likely start by reading the manual. and looking around for tutorial.
Blender manual I
Info center of blender3d.org

Just with theses two links you should be good for a while.
Also look for video tutorials(google) they are really usefull.
Good day.

hi and welcome DavidPR

about the software you have knowledge about, we have a forum for “Other Software” you could use to share your knowledge of those tools…

and you have questions regarding use of Blender, we have “Blender General” …so I welcome you to use our place like this :slight_smile: