I am new to blender and have created some art with it.plz give feedback

please tell me how would you rate my rate considering that i am a newbie and also tell where can i improve


not too bad considering you are new. Have you watched many tutorials? Id definitely advise that you follow a few basic ones to improve your skills.

You have a few texture and material problems, but ive seen worse first projects :slight_smile:

Check out some uv texturing tutorials, and you’ll be pro in no time!

thank you for your feedback

I would look up how to do UV mapping and sculpting. I also want to point out that you can assign more than one material to an object in edit mode by adding more than one material to it than selecting the faces and pressing assign in edit mode. I will say than you are much better than me when I first started and with some reading and practice you’ll be doing much better quickly.

Use reference photographs and pay attention to details. You can learn a lot about proportions of things by looking at photographs and comparing them to your models. You need to train your eye to actually see, and that won’t happen unless you give your eye something to look at.

For example, the length and width of your tanks, or the size of the wheels on your jeep. All the UV mapping, texturing and sculpting in the world isn’t going to help a model when the overall shape and proportions are wrong. Get the big things right before moving on to finer details.

Google images is your friend. Here are some thumbnails from googling “military jeeps”. Notice the big things: the length width and height of the overall vehicle (with and without the canvas canopy), the shape of the engine compartment, the location of the front wheels, the rear wheels, how the fenders are arranged, the height of the passenger compartment compared to the height of the engine compartment… Notice the small details: the grill, the headlamps, the cutout by the seats, the gas fill pipe niche…

When you do move on to finer details, try to get them right. Your sign is spelled incorrectly, but, worse than that, it is rare that a three word sign would be right justified. It is little things like that which will add (or subtract) from the quality of your work.

If you’re going to use blender internal check the box called ambient occlusion.

Use cycles if you have an nvidia gpu. Best to learn it before you get to set in ur way with blender render. but if you don’t have an nvidia gpu, check ambient occlusion in the world settings and set it to multiply with a power of around .2. That will immediately make everything look better, but will make for much slower rendering.

Learn how to use the subsurf modifier. Good job finding this forum and doing anything in blender. Not an easy program to learn. No 3d software is though. Stick with it and you’ll be making Hollywood animations in no time.

thank you all it means a lot…by the way can you suggest any tutorial on how to use blueprints in blender