I am not able to start new threads..

…I am getting message that my threads will be overlooked by moderators. But no feedback from any moderator and no any published threads.

Can anyone help me…

Seems that in this category it works. So I’ll keep trying other categories also:)

You cant have links in your posts until you’ve posted about 25 or 30 times. Its a rule in place to stop spam. Try posting without any links.

Now I got it. Seems reasonable…

But anyways, it is hard to show or point something without links :slight_smile:

Yes, but it’s something I think is necessary. 25 or so posts can be accomplished in an hour - it just scares away the people who want to post links on 20 websites in an hour.

So I guess just discuss somebody else projects for a day or so then post yours. Enjoy the site. I’ve learned a ton here. No pun intended…

Try using attachments instead of links. There is a Manage Attachments button further down on the page when you add a new thread or post. You can upload pngs, jpgs, and blend files to support and artwork forums.

Is there a way to recover posts that have been rejected? I registered for these forums to get help with my project and used an external source for images. I spent a considerable amount of work composing my post to be understandable. It then did not get through and I did it again, saving the text, when that said it was waiting for a moderator to check it I deleted the backup text because I trust the moderators, now seeing that the message was false it would be great to get the post back and I can use attachments instead of links.

This happened to me aswell. I’m glad that this problem has been brought up and i now can understand how to create my own thread

Yeaaaah… I just lost two posts apparently. Not even going to bother retyping all that. x.x"

I also have a (first) post (thread) waiting for moderation.
Kind of urgent newbie question.

Mods: How long should I keep hoping you guys/girls approve my post before I consider it rejected?

PS: my post did not contain any links (as this seems to be a problem for a lot of new members). It does contain an attached jpeg though.

Made it to posting privileges, created a new post. All is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere now.