I am not the Expert here thats why Im here

Hello Fellow Artist :
I have a game project I’m working on and have a limited monthly budget to work with.
Looking more for Project Partners more than anything.

I am told the model I have is to heavy for UE4 , what ever that means ,
I have an Idea that maybe I can re-mesh a makehuman mesh with parts of my models mesh.

I need to ether rework this model or recreate a model with its features to use.

I am not tied to any particular game engine but want the one with the best graphic features.

I also have a second character to do so it is a two character project

I’m taking Bids on this job the person with the most experience and lowest bid
gets the job.

This is a complicated project ! These are the main characters in my project.
the person who can do this job will get much more work on my project

you will be hired as an employee of Jeppeto Models 3D

all work on the project becomes the soul property of Jeppeto Models 3D with all rights reserved.


the above are the conditions :

So I need something to show to my investors to bring them over the line .

  1. complete female model , she must have the features of the model below
    be finished and rigged ,this what I have right now , her skin node tree is already done
    Female model .

  2. And a lion like the one in the painting , he must be finished and rigged
    mine doesn’t quite have the look I want I have built a rig for it and its in the model
    (see below )

3.and an animation of the girl riding him

but they need to be finished and the cat might have to be from scratch
If these models don’t work for UE 4 I may have to come up with something else
but the goal is the same .
this all has to work on the UE 4 game engine.
this is what I want the cat to look like (see below )
some parts of the project , namely the animation I can farm out to someone else .
let me know if your interested
I’m a very good sketch artist if you require an original drawing
I will pay out this project with a down-payment , a mid project payment and a final end project payment
I prefer an American Artist living in the U.S.
thanks for your time.
all bids and questions can be sent to
[email protected]
as I wont be here much and again thanks for your time.

the lion

I hear ya Im a retired custom bike builder was always good at jumping off bridges before I found out how deep the water was haha

I would like to chime in and point out that this is neither a support thread nor a general topic thread.

Talk about:
a) Don’t hire someone it is easy, just do it yourself
b) Help on how to do it yourself

Is not what the Paid Work forum is for.

You have to understand and appreciate that there are freelancers in all kinds of financial situations and positions in their career.

This forum is here to link up people who - in no matter what financial situation they are in - with others - in no matter what financial situation they are in - so that an exchange of money can occur for work. No matter for how little money. Hopefully for the benefit of both.

Any other talk undermines this process, and effectively stops someone from the opportunity to work and get paid. And stops someone from receiving this kind of help when asked.

I would also like to point out that not being an expert at something is usually why you hire someone who is. That is the entire point of this forum.


Yes I am aware of that and have asked Blender to move this topic to another category
and oh by the way I first came here to take bids on a job.

OK. So I just hid a whole mess of posts here. The Paid Work category is a place where people offer work. If you’re not inquiring about the offer posted, then your reply is off-topic. You can have those discussions via PM.

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