i am not very happy :(

(Lord Taten) #1

The real reson i chose to use blender is that it was free (and yes i must say it is very nice easy and fast) but i chose to give gameblender i little try the other day… now with the blender people wanting to make all the mony they can (and i have no money to shell out :frowning: ) , how am am spose to be able to find any good tutorials? or continue to try to use blender?. i may be the ony person looking at this way but… i did try milkshape the other day and it was slooow to try to make anything with it (and i really want to stay with blender cuz it has good people and tutorials and stuff ) but now how am i spoz to try and use it if i cant even emprove?. i find this very disturbing well this i guess is just my “take” on things. :frowning:

(and no i am not trying to harass the blender developers, and i understand they need to make sum money)

(CurtisS) #2

I am not sure where you are coming from but Blender will always be FREE in one form or another. You will always have at least 2.23 and the final goal is to have Blender be open source and FREE. And…tutorials have always been there and will likely always be available.

So…maybe you want to explain your position a little bit better?? And maybe do it in the General Discussion forum rather than the Q/A forum.