I am now officially a Crackberry owner.......

So, we Finally got the dreaded berries at work yesterday. I do have to say that for me, being an on the road sales manager, it will save my life. But I almost fear that it may take over my life too.

Anyone else have one and wants to share their experiences, so I have an idea as to what lies ahead of me?


My dad has one. At least it doesn’t run Winblows.

I feel sorry for you…I personally don’t have one but I have witness the enslavement of others…nice knowing you! :slight_smile:

People will have a problem, maybe sometime Thursday morning. They will work at solving it all day Thursday and all day Friday, digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole. You will get a call about it sometime very late Friday night, or perhaps very early Saturday morning. They will no longer remember what created the problem on Thursday, nor will they remember all the things they tried that didn’t work over the past couple of days. They will only know that now the problem is insoluble except by you, and it urgently needs to be solved before business opens Monday morning. There goes the weekend.