I am performing a usability test for a website.

i am perfoming a usability test that i have been working on for about 6 months and i would like some feed back. most of the graphics that are on the site were made in blender and i want some feed back about the structure of the website.

does any know any thing about Perl connections to Mysql. i need some serious help and my webhost is about useless when it comes to this problem. if anyone is willing to help i would appericate it.

go here to check it out. the people that i work for sell antique europian bottles.

the only graphic that looks blender-like is the map in the middle, but i think the style of the page is ok, although i’m not really interested in bottles

btw, there’s an error in the text below the map: veiwing (or at least i don’t know this word and it looks like viewing)
if you don’t know what to do with your time maybe you want to change the sky color between the sails to blue, but it doesn’t really matter

Your page has one of my pet hates - the animated status bar message

It’s not (IMHO) very clever - it doesn’t add to the page, and it hides some very useful information that is normally shown in that place, particularly link destinations

thanks for the comments i appericate them.

thank you pat for pointing out the typo in the text box.

thanks philp for the imput about the status bar… unforunately i cannot change this i said the same thing about it but the owner of the website likes it.

Customers are always fools :smiley:

Customers are always fools

i would have to agree with you on that. they want to argue with me about every damn thing that i tell them. i am getting tired of there crap.

When they start telling you to replace all the e’s with 3’s because it will make them look more internet savvy, pull out

Does anyone know anything about AboutEMarkets Eziaccess. if so please tell me all you know…