I am Providence

Long-time lurker, first-time poster: I’ve been using BA as an unofficial manual for Blender for some time, and I thought I would begin contributing. So by way of introduction, I give you my first completed project, “I am Providence.”

Modeled and composited in Blender 3d, textures by cgtextures.com. I am most proud of the water caustics, which I accomplished for this image by aiming some spot lamps up at the bust and projecting a distorted band texture through them. My biggest gripe with this image is that the texture I used for the bust really eroded the detail in the model. Without the texture the bust looks a great deal more like its subject.

Comments and Criticism welcome.

looks great. i’m a big tentacle fan.

lovely work, great idea for the caustics… i will have to remember that for some of my future projects :slight_smile:
The swamp/lake looks brilliant.

Is the statue modelled or sculpted?

I started by box-modelling from photo reference, then I applied multi-resolution and sculpted finer details.