I am right

Normally i develop games. But from time to time i feel for making a still. All three or four years or so.

The motif is in my head since quite a while. I made a scribble for it long ago. Now i have finally spent a few days to redo it in 3D. It took me four weeks to create everything up to this final render.

Modeling happened in trueSpace and Blender. Sculpting in 3D Coat. Texturing happened in Blender, 3D Coat and Gimp plus a homebrew tool called Halo Remover. Scene setup, rigging, posing, and rendering happened in Blender and Cycles. Post processing in Gimp. Levelling and adding the background image in the window.

Some of the base textures are grabbed from CGTextures.

The rendering is not as perfect as i want it to. I would have loved to render it in double size and to use more samples for example to reduce the noise in the SSS areas a bit more. But it already rendered over 12 hours with even the current settings and in target size. With 100 samples and square samples ticked. Rendering happened at CPU since SSS doesn’t render at GPU yet.


The baby and the chair behind him looks a little unrealistic other than that i really like your render

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

The composition is nice and everything is well made :). The materials are a bit too slick and perfect. The wood for instance could be less shiny with a bit more bump map and specular map to gain in realism.

Thanks for your feedback. I see what you mean. There is currently just one normalmap in use, at the baby.

Hi Tiles ,nice work ,is the little fellow crying because of that huge spider under the bed
or that wallpaper ha

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, he is crying because he cannot put the round into the square :wink: