I am running an Old...

DELL (DeskTop Mini Tower) Dimension 3000 with Pentium 4 (CPU) @ 2.80GHz on Win (32) XP
with Intel® 82865G Graphics Controller (?) and a 17" flat Screen monitor.

What I don’t know is which of all Builds of Blender (32), whatever version, is my realm of best response etc?

For instance I’ve run 2.62.3 with cycles and it looks kind of sketchy. I don’t think its supposed be faint is it? What is the minimum equipment capability needed to run these latest builds. I don’t mind crashing, occasionally, as I don’t always know what I’m doing etc.

And what in the heck is BMESH and how does one use it, or find it?

I have been using blender since 2.4 and I am still groping about. I’m an old man who just always wanted to draw in true 3d , back when all there was was Autocad.

I want to say that Blender is the Best for learning true3D of all programs I’ve tried. It is the most intuitive, when I try to click and make or move “something” the program either makes or moves something. To me, a relative newbie ( there is a proper spelling for that )
That is revelational ( to me ). try that in maya or 3ds max or min, blindly clicking in edit mode in 3d space, and see how long it takes to get anything.

I have posted a victorian cottage on Blendswap. its not like i’m completely clueless. But When I see these video shorts and movies people are making, I feel like Bill Gates “IN The Road Ahead”. For the life of me I have yet to successfully build a car. I have gotten a Tyre or two made but then that tool for arraying in a circle, not spin, doesn’t work. or didn’t. Its like Maya, the tools are there, the tutorial is there, but it doesn’t necessarily work on the piece of crap (computer) I’m using. because I’m poor. But because Blender is free, it tricks me into thinking that it will run on my crap.

I know that there are expert professional code warriors putting this beautifully elegantly coded package together and streamlining it. it is going to be the worlds BEST software. I’ll bet that it will be used by Governments and Institutions around the world. I just hope that I can get my hands on a machine that would live up to the level that the various tools and branches are being brought to.

I’m really just looking for sympathy, and that guy Johnathan W made the best Human mesh I have ever seen.

You could say, in regards to 3d (especially animation) I look confused:confused:, but actually am just a little dumb.:stuck_out_tongue: Not any blender’s problem.:no:

Those code warriors really are coding like, well, you named it. As a result, part of the older hardware… you know… As to the rest of things, Pentium4 @ 2.8 looks not bad at all for starters, 17" either. Only thing what Blender doesn’t really like (especially, Cycles) is Intel’s graphics and low memory amounts.
Since you had run pretty much latest of it - your specs are above that minimum where it doesn’t run at all. But it runs sketchy… And i don’t think there’s much sense to send you to 2.49 version.

I just checked specs on what’s inside genuine Dimension 3000 - have to tell, i don’t see how to improve much there.
It would be good to have some Nvidia graphics card for blender, but then, your PSU is 250W, which is a bit too low. You could add more RAM, again there it’s limited to 2x 1Gb modules.
I would say, look out for some bit bigger box, or you’ll have very limited blender’s usability score.

Me, i’m running it on AMD Dual core 3800+, 3GB RAM and NV GF9800 video which is (should be?) considered totally outdated for Cycles rendering. Yet it somehow still works. This imo is pretty much low level, just to be comfortable in a beginning of any project. As soon as they get bigger (and they usually tend to) i get warning signs - crashes, non renders, slowness in 3dview.

So you probably do remember Autocad on 386? :slight_smile: And 3d animated letters which took 2 days to render…

PS BMEMSH thingie. Blender so far used to operate with squares or triangles. Now it could be a ‘lotangle’ too. They call it ‘n-gon’. And half of the scripts are broken because all what was ‘faces’ got moved into ‘polygons’. Say, there’s only one face, pardon me, polygon, on Cylinder cap you add. And by using cut tool K you could cut out this smiley on default Cube’s side without even thinking how to connect it all. That’s in a short. :slight_smile: Not that i’m some kind of angry, or sarcastic, no. That’s a progress. Inevitability.

Happy blending!

As for the ‘array modifier’ thing, with the default cube selected and centred in the 3D view > add an array modifier to it, increase the ‘count’ to 10 or so > now add an ‘empty’ to the center 3D view > go back to the cube array modifier and tick ‘object offset’ and add the empty to the menu box just below it > now in top view rotate the empty how ever you like. I used the cube just as an example right :slight_smile: