There isn’t anything to do. What am I supposed to do with all my free time?

(And I’ve got creative block, so don’t say something like “blender” or “write.”)

BTW: I’m kind of looking for a good Internet site. I can’t come up with anything on Google.

PS: Does anyone know where I can find a printable list of baby names? (Don’t ask, it’s for something I’m trying to do, but am too lazy to start production.)

FYI: I’m using way too many acronyms.

CFS: Where can I find a huge list of freeware games?

this post sounds too boring for me.

p.s. cube you posted a post earlier asking for ways to stop annoying people or somthing.

well this is one of those posts you really should think about before posting, it wastes space and diverts time and attention from worthy posts.


Freetime!! What is this freetime you speak of??

Most 14 year olds in your country used to go out, make friends, get together, and play baseball. Now they are becoming bored mouse potatoes. No offense, nothing personal, it’s just an observation.

Mouse potatoes… hafta take note of that…

Here’s some inspiration- You’ve done you on the Forums, how about you off the forums?

you could blend or write :wink:

Just because there’s an off-topic forum here to post new topics whenever you like doesn’t mean that it’s mandatory to do so. I’m not saying you should stop posting new topics. I’m saying you should only create new topics if it’s absolutely necessary or worthwhile for all of us to read. It’ll help save time, space, and sanity. :wink:

About being bored, I feel pretty much the same way. I have a lot of free time until I can find a part-time job (which I am not looking forward to because I wanna be at the lake this summer). However, I’m currently keeping myself busy by learning PHP and MySQL, and that seems to fill in the gaps of free time I constantly have. There’s not really much advice I can give you, though. I’m busy making my own decisions, so you can make yours. :wink:

You know a couch potato, but it’s sitting on a chair in front of a computer with a mouse in it’s hand.

I know what it means… just thought it might be useful for later- :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at other people’s work (whether it is 3D or not), that usually helps.
So, you could give the Off Topic forum a break for a while and just browse the Finished and WIP section, randomly looking at some stuff (not necessarely the new stuff, try looking at what was posted a long while ago, treasures might be lurking back then).


go to an art gallery or a museum and get some inspiration from there…


alltaken: I’m just bored. If there’s an off-topic board, you might as well use it.

rav-bhara: It’s where you’ve got nothing important to do. Weird concept, eh?

cree: Mouse potatoes? I’ll bake a mouse, then. :stuck_out_tongue:

DMBadCat: Yup, took the note.

lightning: I get off the forums? :o

scotland: That’s just dumb.

HyTeMaLa: I know. There’s just not much in Blender I can do, so off-topic I go.

theeth: That works, but I’ve already got a few ideas of what I could do, and I don’t need any more. Everyone here’s seen what happens when I want to do ANYTHING.

d-randomnumbers: No. They’re downtown, and I live in the suburbs.

That’s how I used to feel about Blender. One day not too long ago I took a look at some old-ass drawing I had done. The drawings sucked, but I only did them to get ideas down that were forming in my head. I decided, after looking at Desoto 111’s Beauty and the Beast Rose, to make a rose that I had sketched many years ago. Again, I had very little to work with, and my Blending skills are almost non-existant. Anyways, having never actually finished a pic in Blender, I tried. And tried, and tried. Well, now my first finished blend is in the Finished forum under infinity rose, and all is well. I still can’t model for squat, but I’ve managed to cobbled together an image for the weekend contest. It’s Abstract, so maybe you should give it a shot. :slight_smile:

Cube, you shouldn’t complain you’re bored if you reject everything that people suggest, especially if you ask for suggestion. Sounds like you lead too much of a sheltered life. Get out there and live. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about going for a walk. A LONG walk, and return a wiser person.