I am so confuesed about GPU rending and how to set it up insight please.


I am running an Asus G73 Win 7( 1.6GHz Intel Core i7-720QM 12gram with a Nvidia Gtx 460M. I want to use GPU render, but I don’t have that option in Blender 2.68R

I have done some googling and what I found was that I had to install cuda drivers and toolkit etc. Unfortunatly I apparently donot have visual studio tried to find a download of that, with no real luck.

I went through the several steps to install Cuda and it refused because of th eVisual studio thing.

Would really appreciate a better idea of what I need to do to get things set up so I can GPU render.

I have googled and forum searched, blender.org is down while they migrate to the new site, so my answer may be there,but I can’t access it.

Thanks for taking the time to help.

it is cuda enabled card so it should already have the dirvers installed when you installed the card. if not just try reinstalling the drivers from nvidia. and have you checked in the user preferences system tab to tell belnder to use the card?

If you use an official build of Blender, you shouldn’t have to install CUDA seperately: Any current driver for your graphics card should suffice.

So, did you try updating your graphics driver?
Is your laptop perhaps using some kind of “nVidia Optimus” thing to switch between an inbuilt low-tech graphics adapter and your GTX 460m? In that case you should add Blender to the list of applications to use the better card.

Small Troll beat me to it…:wink:

@small Troll, there is no gpu option under the system tab in the user preferences. This is my problem, i have downloaded and installed the 2.69R and still no luck. I am running a driver check now from nvidia. Ill let you know what happens.