I am so freaking happy!!!!!!

(@ce) #1

I finally got cable wooohooooo!!!

(DaniHell) #2

oh…ah… Congratulations!?

(haunt_house) #3

cable like in ‘cable modem’ or cable like in ‘television channels’?

(valarking) #4

hmm… i wonder?

congrats, we had to wait forever for broadband here. it’s QUITE a bit faster huh? i just love downloading a 150 mb file in 10 minutes. 8)

(LohnS) #5

looks at his pety 28k connection…cries

(joecool) #6

does the same with his 56k but it only dials up to 46k. :frowning:
I can’t wait till I can get broadband. Atleast I have something to look forward to. :slight_smile:

(TurboG) #7

Once I tried to d.load a 200MB File with my cable…For some reason it went to 7KBPS and took like…36 hours :smiley:

9 post till I A forum Groupie :smiley: yay!

(IngieBee) #8

Well, with cable, your line gets split up, so that it depends on how many people are pulling off it, the more, the less speed. DSL is more how far away the nearest station is, and is guaranteed to be a certain speed. So one person might get really good results from cable, the next, not so good.

hee hee, my simplistic attempt to explain due to lack of vocabulary (English is my first language too, LOL)

(Timothy) #9

cable modem definately.
cable television in holland is pretty standard and usually has 30 odd channels. (digital television is comming but not much more channels)

(pofo) #10

Well, that was quick :smiley:

Try downloading something rare and large over kazaa, I downloaded a file off and on for seven months :o . Finally got it down though.

  1. pofo

(DaniHell) #11

Gee, 7 months to download a file!? That must be…BORING!!! after the first two days didn´t you just shot your computer ?