I am such a noob, can I us two PCs via router to render?

I am such a noob, can I us two PCs via router to render in Blender?

Sorry to say this, but searching this forum sucks anymore. I can’t find anything. :frowning:

Anyhow I have another computer that is connected to my router , which is connected to my PC.

Why not find a way to cut these 10 hour YafRay renderings in half?
Is this possible?

One alternative is to render one half (Shift+B) on one PC and have a duplicate copy run on the other PC. Then match the halves together with PaintShop or something.

Just curious to see if there is an easy way to do this, with a router…


AFAIK, when using distributed rendering over a network, every CPU renders a single frame, and cannot render fragments of a given frame, so if I’m not wrong, you can only get a performance boost when rendering animations (the load is divided between CPUs in exact frames)

Yeah, I’ve only used DrQueue for this type of situation and it divides the operation by frames to each computer.


It might be simplest to copy the blend-file to different computers and have each of them render a different range of frames (to individual files, of course). Then manually copy the frame-files back to a common directory.

In other words, unless you do this a lot, just do it by hand.

I didn’t know that key combination (shift-B). Can you break it up into quads also?

Your own solution is probably the only one. I wouldn’t do it over my network though. PCS are different speeds. The time it takes for the slower comp to finish half an image could be longer then having the faster comp do the whole thing at once.