I Am the Very Model of an Animator Blenderer

(To the tune of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General”)

I am the very model of an Animator Blenderer;
I’m versed in every modifier, shader, node and renderer,
Proficient in mesh modelling from polygons to vertices,
Adept at Gimp and Inkscape, even though you’ve never heard of these.

On matters three-dimensional my knowledge is meridian;
I navigate with faculty coordinates Euclidean.
My variance of talents are the envy of the industry;
I model, rig and animate with total versatility.

I’m expert in production of all electronic media;
My pipeline fully open-source, my graphics card NVIDIA.
I’m versed in every modifier, shader, node and renderer;
I am the very model of an Animator Blenderer!

Feel free to submit more verses!

Clap! Clap! Clap! Whistle!.. Bravo!

We need new features.

extuder alert
modeler inbound

Rap Verse:
I can model and texture my artwork any other day,
Render with Blender Internal, Cycles or Yafaray,
UV mapping the models just to add detail,
‘I’ added keys when making Sintel,

When I want to be funny, I watch Big Buck Bunny,
Yo Frankie! Elephant’s Dream is simply stunning,
Wait, did I mention there’s a modifier that makes oceans?
Or the fact that Blender captures motion?

WORD :stuck_out_tongue:

very impressive. Don’t know if the skills are the envy of the industry though.

Well, that was pretty funny! Got a good smile out of it.

:smiley: Funny.

Well… Is it only me who read the lyrics in Mordin’s voice? :stuck_out_tongue:

green as in free
no cost, but not cheap
friendly forum
no learning horror

envy of the industry
grazing 3d magazines
artists dropping jaws
on a progg free for all

Fantastic good sir!

very nice! now you just have to record it with some music :slight_smile:

Im tempted to do this. :smiley:

I bend the space from place to place
Giving the sense of the outer space
Get the outer space in place
And give the name of the new space
I break the forms of norms
Get the norms from broken forms
Roll the shattered forms
And break again and again the new norms
I fill the volume with emptiness
Imagine that the emptiness is fullness
Get rid of the emptiness
Make the imaginated fullness in the volume of emptiness
I see there is no flaw
Is the flaw in seeing the flaw
There is no perfection
Is only practice for the perfection of defection
I can have my view once
But must see the others view twice
Comparing to the roll of a dice
Looks i`m playing with fire and ice (The title of the poem is “The Designer” by Numarul7) I hope you like it! :smiley:

PS: Admins make the forum work on IE10 aka Windows 8 cause “enter” does nothing here!!!

Errr…Babylon 5 right? I believe it was Marcus not Mordin…course you might not be talking about Babylon 5… anyways…
B5 cast member singing…this will end only one way…badly :eyebrowlift: (edit: this was the voice I heard when I read the first post.)

Mordin is a character from the game “Mass Effect” that sings his own version of the G&S song while working.

Nope… you weren’t the only one. :wink:

Nope, I did too :wink: I played through Mass Effect 2 last week (currently playing 3 - no spoilers!), LOVED hearing Mordin Solus sing, it was so hilarious :smiley:

What a great thread!:smiley: