I am trying to create a shoreline

I know there is a landscape add on but it’s not really good for a shoreline because I would like to have that half horseshoe look. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions and also, why does it seem my scale is off when I look through the camera?

I have tried

here what I have been truing to do but I cant get the part where the water intercepts to not look straight and the mesh rotated a little bit I plan to put grass on that.


I find landscapes work best with a denser mesh. Put in a second grid for the land, similar to the grid (i assume) is the water. Then use proportional editing to pull up the beach and dunes, and pull down the part under water. You can also add a subsurf modifier after you get the basic landscape shaped the way you want it to smooth out the curves.

Also, try to get into the habit of giving mesh objects appropriate names when you add them. “Water” and “Land” instead of Plane and Plane.001. It doesn’t seem necessary for this project, but it’s a good habit to get into.

thank you so much.

ALSO, anybody know what I am doing wrong? i am trying to learn sculpting and I can do it if I use a grid and up the divisions. but i cant seem to figure out how to use a image texture to sculpt (stencil). with a cub I used multidivions with a image texture under brush but nothing happens.