I Am Windows-free

Hi all,
I am proud to say that I have been WINDOWS-FREE for 2 months now. I ran on Fedora Core 6 KDE for a month and a half and am now on UBUNTUStudio on my desktop and UBUNTU on my laptop and I am ready to get back to BLENDING (finally):smiley: I made the decision to go Windows Free for the simple reason that I have no use for it anymore since I quit playing World of Warcraft and my refusal to move on to Vista. Not to mention, a majority of the software I’ve used in the past year is open-sourced.
So far running UBUNTU, I am extremely happy with it. It is LIGHT, simple, and allows for more FREEDOM. I don’t think that, other than the XBOX 360, I will ever go back to Windows.
Well, with that being said, I got to get back into BLENDER, I’m haven’t really done anything with it since the holidays:confused:

Can I suggest theWeekend and Animation Challenges?

Have fun, but don’t let anyone fool you, we don’t care.

Just kidding, that was actually pretty funny.

But I do care. Congratulations!

Aw come on VK - Some of us care…

My entries always look like crap compared to the more regular entrants, but I still enter … and vote (Occasionally for someone else too!)

If that’s not caring, then I don’t know what is!

No silly I was talking about the Linux zealotry.

Guys, please dont feed the troll

Like I’ve said earlier, you’ve definitely gotten everything all figured out in the week or so you’ve been here.

Back on topic…

Linux has really come a long way in the last year, in my opinion.
I love seeing DELL starting to sell computers with linux on them.

Soon I too hope to be M$ free too… best of wishes to you JDM71,
one day I will be making a thread like this one :slight_smile:

There is no real topic, he was just livejournalling here.

And saying M$, Micro$oft, etc, makes you look like a tool when you do it in the company of people over 14 years.

Hi JDM71
Can you do me a favour please. Just try to render one Big Blend file with 250 frames in Window XP and then try to render
same file in Linux, please tell me the difference. Just now I am using XP, If render speed in Linux
is better then i will also for try for Linux.

I am with kkrawal,

I would love to see a benchmark of some sort with blender in Linux, and M$ Windows on the same system.

heheh, been M$ free starting from this January myself! :slight_smile:

T__T and theres plenty of those who care… about adoption of linux!

Congratulations for choosing Free tools over M$ (now I said it, M$)

We DO care! :slight_smile:

  1. On the same system would imply that either osx or windows would not be running on ideal hardware, therefor, it wouldn’t be a fair evaluation

  2. Blender’s base code was designed for LINUX DUH. We already know which will perform faster. Why doesn’t The Elderscrolls: Oblivion run as fast on linux? Will photoshop run faster on a Mac or PC? We all know the answers to these…

ok, ill give it to ya, that was actually pretty good one, pardon me ill have to go laugh my bloody ass off now… :evilgrin:

lol best typo ever

k so i’m going to bed but basically linux is a great alternative for many people, but the problem is that the users of this forum have been overwhelmingly young as of late (<17) and usually at that point, they’re using it to try and look cool and different, as is quite obvious from the use of M$ and other bandwagon nonsense, and so they’re really choosing aesthetics over functionality which is funny because that’s what they criticize windows for and damn this sentence has run on but i dont feel like stopping so i’ll just say that this thread needs a picture of a humorous animal because its really lame and will probably be locked before it grows too full of prepubescent geeks trying to sound cool so ya here it is


I bet my stuff would be just as bad under Linux!

I’ll bite.

How about a reasoned argument, Valarking? Just don’t take this personally.

Firstly, when the overwhelming majority of users don’t know any alternatives to windows even exist or somehow think windows is some fundamental part of a computer, having a linux bandwagon (if there is one!) is hardly a bad thing. Following the crowd for the sake of it has never been behaviour I respect but when 90% of computers still run windows, I hardly feel those switching to linux constitute a crowd. In this case, jumping on a rather small bandwagon seems better than widespread ignorance.

Frankly what is the problem if there are many young people switching to linus to be “cool”? At least they are learning something other than Windows. And that can only be a good thing, surely?

As for the “aesthetics over functionality” argument, people may switch to use XGL and such but if these people learn linux properly, then they will find more functionality than on windows. Don’t blame the lack of software developed for linux on linux itself (though a lot runs quite well through wine) - the culprit is the complete monopoly microsoft has on the market. Monoculture is bad and developers have gotten lazy.

Frankly, I don’t see how you can say that true competition for windows wouldn’t be a good thing for technological progress. When the windows range has a 25% market share, then we can discuss what merits windows may or may not have - functionality or otherwise. Till then, I salute anyone making the switch.

Finally, while I do not deny the existence of linux zealotry (which I feel is somewhat justified considering the circumstances), almost all microsoft zealotry is bought and paid for. Microsoft needs to buy people to say nice things about their products while linux doesn’t. Microsoft needs to finance research that makes windows look good. Microsoft needs to fund FUD (read lies) to stop people from switiching. With all the money they have, with the userbase they have, Microsoft is still loosing the war - that must show there is something very wrong with their products and what their business tactics. And there is. So consider that.

Look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astroturfing

I’ll probably regret posting here as Valarking can be very cutting with his remarks. I don’t mind a civil reasoned response and argument but if you get all ad hominem on me without proper reasoning, we will all be able dismiss those comments as trolling. Why bother posting to tell us that you don’t care? Let us see if you can show us your point of view in a civilised way.

This thread probably wasn’t meant to be an OS war thread to start with. But now it will probably end up being locked. Oh nevermind…