I approached a rabbit...

… to ask of it its name.

It ran.

I sought to approach a butterfly.

It did the same.

I stared a tiger in the eye.

It growled and roared.

After a while it got bored.

I stood in front of a truck on the highway.

It stopped and waited for me to move.

The driver honked his horn and said that I was rude.

What am I?

Ay, there’s the rub.:wink: I’m trying to think, but I’m lost for an answer. Ropsta, can you give us a clue or must we speak by the card?

I’m gonna go with cow.

Hehe, good answer.


The inverse of this answer… of sorts


i was thinking cow.
or a rabbit.
but you approached a rabbit…

My answer is squirrel

How many trucks would stop for a squirrel?


The inverse of this answer… or sorts.

How about a human - a human could do all of those things.



What is the human?

the inverse of cow is woc

Yummy stir fry

Steve Irwin! He might do all those things… he has said hello to other things besides a rabbit… but maybe! Probably wrong but hey :confused:

Even closer


In those situations what is Steve Irwin?

a crocodile?

ok, this is craking me up, it reminds me of the witch trial in the Holy Grail -
“A Duck”

What am I?

A bad 80’s movie or curious George at the Zoo.

The answer is next to your avatar, right?

I thought it was one of those riddles you’d found off the internet, so I did a search and found this:

geez this was easy! Monkey…

A Crocodile Hunter type thing… Like those nature educators. I don’t know the name…


This was just a poem. Kudos to all ye who kept guessing.

The answer is…

There are many answers.

The Pro actor… The stimulus… The idiot who walks in front of trucks…

I put animals in the poem, and people just started… tossing out the names of animals.

Weird :confused: