I BANISH YOU!!!!! (Awesome Forum "Contest")

Here’s a fun little game I just made up. It’s called “I BANISH YOU!!!”


  • Post a comment in this thread saying “I BANISH (member)!!!”
  • That member is now “banished” from this thread
  • Try and catch him in this thread, if you go to his/her profile you can see what they’re currently viewing
  • If you catch a banished member viewing this thread take a screenshot of their profile and post it in here saying you caught the person.


  • Each person has a point value of 1 if caught
  • When caught once their point value doubles to 2
  • Their points keeps getting higher and higher (1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,etc)
  • The first person to reach 100 points wins

I will mark everyone’s score below.


If you’re banished from this thread and you post a comment here, you get 1 point. But you have to write “Hehehehe, look who’s the sneaky little son of a gun now :evilgrin:” and I will give you a point.

Be careful though, because if you post here you only get “temporary points” if you get caught all your “temporary points” will be lost, BUT if you catch someone when you have temporary points, you get to keep them.

If you catch someone with temporary points you get to DOUBLE their value and KEEP them! (Along with the catching reward)

If you’re banished from this thread you can banish other people, but ONLY if you have AT LEAST 10 temporary points. (Note: You won’t lose any points)
I will keep a list of all the banished members along with the Reward for catching them. I will also list everyones points and temporary points.

Have fun guys!

Also, you can ban anyone, not just people who have posted in this thread, watch out for those really active members :wink:

So let’s Go!!!

pp = Permanent Points
tp = Temporary Points
bp = Bonus Points


-[Killer]- ------ Reward ------ 8 (2 + (3tp*2pp = 6bp))
Moonflower - Reward ------ 1
kbot ----------- Reward ------ 2


-[Killer]- ------ 0 pp ------ 4 tp
Linkxgl ------- 1 pp ------ 0 tp
mcguinnessdr 1pp ----- 0 tp

I BANISH -[Killer]-!!!


Killer, I found you on this thread…
i r pwn u lol


Wow, do you really think anyone would waste their storage space with so much as a screenshot for this pointless game?

The other forum games are at least simple enough that you don’t have to worry about the mental condition of the creators…

Interesting new game. 10 points for originality and clear consise rules.

I Banish Moonflower!

Hehehehe, look who’s the sneaky little bastard now :evilgrin:

This is a waste of BA storage space I thought you were all ‘professional’ now, -[killer]-. start acting it or else no one will view you that way.

Hehehehe, look who’s the sneaky little bastard now :evilgrin:

Who cares weather you “look” professional in a forum… especially an open source forum like blenderartists… if I was posting like this in CGSociety… well…

You seem good at game engine stuff, too bad all the good realtime shaders people make only work for windows.

Ok, now that random…

He brought up the matter of his professionalness. I didn’t hijack the thread or anything.

Hehehehe, look who’s the sneaky little bastard now :evilgrin:

That’s the fastest a reply has ever been posted after I hit the “post quick reply” button.

Hehehehe, look who’s the sneaky little bastard now :evilgrin:

LOL, good =)

I’m racking up the points :wink:

somebody STOPME

I don’t agree with the words you have to say for this game when you sneak on, having to type a risque word everytime you sneak onto this thread kills the game for anyone who doesn’t use those types of words.

Then copy and paste :wink:


Banned for cussing.

er, I mean, “banished”.

lolol… Little beavers here!!!