I believe I can fly

How do you make something fly and at the same time have physics apply to it?

Also, as far as Python is concerned, I’m noobier than a noob. Where can I learn how to make a mouse aimer?

If you want it to be like in space (no gravity) go to materials->world and set gravity to zero. If you just want one object then give it an always sensor-AND controller-Motion, with a force of 9.8 on z axis with L unchecked. That way the object is constantly pushed up with the same force as gravity pulls it down. for going up/down, you will have to make the force greater or lesser than the gravity.

edit: and for mouse aiming, learn basic python syntax and download some games/demos (Don’t post in too old threads) and look at their script. If you can, try to find a well commented script. Try to remake it in your scene (or an empty scene), hopefully you will understand it. Use http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/ to check what python functions do.

I did a helicopter some time ago, just by using the dynamics and applying forces to the object (the helicopter), it has the force applyed in a local z, and by applying other forces you can make it go forward, backwards etc

Here is a video