hi guys,
i might not be the first person to think of this, but here goes:
imagine an app for iphone etc. it wouldnt be a full - blown blender, but you might be able to use it for simple modelling / adding cpu power to an LAN render farm?
you could have tools like extrude, loopcut, and the modelling tools. also, you might be able to bluetooth link it to your computer, and use it as a tablet sort of thing?
have a think :slight_smile:

Thats actually a good idea…but i don’t know how hard it would be to get accuracy or screan efficiency out of it, like, imagine having all those buttons on the screan for those thing, remember there is no keyboard…
And imagine trying to actually port over Blender to Android XD

That’s why we have (cheaper, usually) laptops XD The tablet idea is good, although it sounds a bit redundant if you don’t mind me saying (£/$50 for a graphics tablet)…

The rendering thing is definitely viable and sounds useful, although isn’t an online rendering farm subscription thing (Workstations :eek:) cheaper than an Iphone?

Voice commands or Kinect, thats the way to go! :smiley:
(in a whisper: Imagine modelling with the sculpt tool and kinect (and gloves with pressure pads to give feedback, like the user is actually interacting with an object) :eek:)

Wow, that sounds like an attempt to shoot your idea down; it wasn’t, I’m just bitter as I haven’t any touch-screen technology, a laptop, kinect, voice command stuff or even a good PC :frowning:

Maybe a software to simply view .blend files would be much more useful (in conferences or meetings… see?). But trying to put a graphic software in low performance devices will be a pain. The real challenge (as you may have noticed in the news) is to make Blender work with super powerful computers (render farms) in order to render really-super-high definition images :p.

The absence of the keyboard in the iPhone and iPad of the BlackBerry Torch for a second; Touch screen with a physical keyboard…

thanks for replying! i was thinking that it might be more useful for people who already own an i-thing.
i was just thinking recently, looking around the house, at all the processors lying around (not literally, in ipods and phones and digi-boxes!) and thought that when im not using them, they might as well make themselves useful and do me some rendering. the combined power of all these things you’ve paid for must amount to quite alot, shouldnt it?
ah well.
sorry for the ramble :stuck_out_tongue:

I think (personally) that the only touch pad type “object” even applicable to this is the iPad, as much as i hate them this is an application. And the amount of processing power contained in those things you have around your house would probably become reduntant when you think about it, with the terrible processing speed they already have and the often even worse connection your computer may as well of put the effort of connectiong to the devices into simply rendering. Rendering banks don’t have this problem because the advantage outweighs the disadvantage.
And i kinda agree with zazizizou, to simply view .blend files it would be great, maybe even onboard rendering of images under certain resolutions and without raytracing ect. The really important thing here is that i doubt it will ever happen, because look at how the i-store works, it sells thing for MONEY. Thats its thing. Yes there is free Apps ect but i just don’t think it would be worth Blenders time in the long run because if they WHERE to do this people would really only use these types of programs as viewing for conferences with Maya, the industry standard. People using Blender most likely don’t do conferences…

PS: i lolled when i was about to click the “give QUICK reply” button…