I built a camshaft. Did I do it right?

I managed to get a camshaft built. It looks not too bad for my second render ever. This took me about 2 hours to build.

It is built and it looks ok, but did I do it right? Take a look at my blender file and throw me back any suggestions or methods I should have used. I’m in a bad spot now as I need to put bolt holes with threads into the end, and I’m having a really hard time trying to get that accomplished. I have a feeling that the method I used will hinder any more progress.

Let me know your thoughts.



The main issue that I found, is that the side faces for each bearing and cam are not joined with the main running face. Select the sides, and the main bearing/cam, and press CTRL-J to join the two. Then in edit mode, A to select all, and W>>Remove Doubles. For the cam lobes, hit ALT-J to clean up the mesh a little better (after joining the side faces).

Otherwise looks good.