I can barely even read this

(MealeaYing) #1

I dont know where to ask this so here it is:
Where is the forum and what in the hell happened?

(TheGrom) #2

Yes i also want to know)

(MealeaYing) #3

It looks like its been changed to something else Grom, I dont know what happened but maybe it got bought or something.

(TheGrom) #4

My thoughts exactly! where i am? Domain expired? wha? but… how am i supposed to?

(MealeaYing) #5

Precisely what I thought, the trolls got the domain and trashed the site or something.

(Jason van Gumster) #6

About 3 months ago, we migrated the forum from vBulletin to Discourse. This was a known move. We’d talked about doing this migration publicly for two years and then we held a fundraiser to pay for the migration after CG Cookie passed the management of the forum over to @bartv.

(MealeaYing) #7

I was off having some interesting and exciting medical things done to me and missed all that, I would have taken one look at… this… and… I dont know, wondered why I guess. The old forum was logical and made sense, this is baffling.