I can compile Blender/BGE on Windows

I can get Blender, BGE to compile on my Windows 32bit dev machine using MinGW and Eclipse.

I had to use python32_d.dll and install visual studio 2008 express to make it work. This was based on instructions online. However I wonder if there is a way to use Eclipse and MinGW without installing MSVC 2008?

If you want some help/guidance on BGE development, check out the #blendercoders and #bgecoders channels on Freenode (IRC). #blendercoders is for more general Blender development, which can include BGE dev, but #bgecoders is a channel dedicated to BGE development. However, it’s usually not the most active.


Also be sure to sign up to the Blender coders/commits mailing list. They can give you longer responses that way and let you know what other people are working on so you don’t duplicate work (I am thinking specifically about the Candy Branch of BGE).


The BGE needs the love so its awesome you want to do patches :slight_smile:

I recently managed to compile Blender with MingW, CMake and eclipse CDT. The important hint was: CMake can create eclipse projects.
So you do not need Visual Studio.

Unfortunately I was not able to compile a running debug version. And Eclipse did not copied the .dlls into the bin folder.

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