I can Draw- but I can't model

Hi- so I’ve been trying to learn how to model for the past few months, but seeing as how I’m self taught, it’s be a nightmare. I’ve tried lowpoly stuff, and I’ve been trying to do high poly stuff, for some reason in never looks as good as my art.

If anybody has any good character modeling tutorials- PLEASE send them my way too- I’ve been following Daniel Kreuter’s recently and its been slightly helpful, but not enough where I know what I’m doing on my own.

There is a course in the Blender Cloud for the whole “stylized character workflow”.
Joining the cloud costs 10$ per month.

Omg thank you so much, that looks great! I appreciate it!

Are the tutorials on Blender Cloud better than those in YouTube (generally speaking), for those of us that are still novices?

Well, they are good whereas on yt the quality obviously varies heavily and you have to spend quite some time wading through tons of crap before finding a gem.

I only did the python for artists one and it was the best i ever saw on that topic.

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