I can make a patch but I need sources.

I was going to create a simple patch that simulates super balls. Normally you set the restitution of most objects quite low. Which is realistic, blocks of wood aren’t very elastic with each other. But in real life, when a super ball is dropped on a wood block (or stack of blocks) or the floor, it will bounce right off. In Blender, the block’s elasticity would be low (like 0.3), so even a super ball with restitut 1.0 wouldn’t bounce off well; restitute’s multiply, 1.0*0.3=0.3, not too bouncy.

My patch would go like this: If an object’s restitut is greater than one, all collisions with other objects will have a restitut one minus the object’s. So a 1.9 colliding with a 0.01 restitut object would bounce off with a restitution of 1.9-1=0.9, perfect for super balls.

But some objects are not bouncy with superballs an all (carpet, etc.), so if something has restitute of zero, it will trump the superball rule and not bounce in any collision.

But I need the latest GE branch source. In the SVN, restitut is broken, so I can’t get started.