I can never create any lights!!

I’ve built myself this neat spaceship mesh and its cool but I WANT lights on the side.
I’ve combed the internet for hours looking but the problem is all the tutorials are for lighting an ENTIRE object, all I want to do is light up one face of my mesh. Not the whole thing.

If I select a face and I apply the Material with the halo light effect I want to use, nothing happens. I can only create lights by adding an entire new object and then applying the material to it.

I would be ok with adding new object every time I wanted a light, except I am trying to animate and it is near darn impossible to keyframe every individual object to match the rotation of the main object.

There must be a way to either parent or make one piece of my mesh light up. But how?

Please explain step by step. And if you slap a link down for me make sure its what I need. Because I’ve spend a lot of time already finding useless tutorials.

I would use a material with the emit turned way up, and vertex parent a lamp of the same color to that spot on your model. I say this because I am assuming you are using blender internal renderer and not cycles.

You could try increasing the material emit value. If you then enable the Indirect Lighting option the emit will glow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr0kNnHscs0

Worked thanks for the emitter and youtube link! Thank you VERY much