I can no longer Zoom with Ctrl Alt dragging :(

I must have inadvertently enter a combination of keys that cancelled out my Zoom with Ctrl Alt dragging.
And it won’t zoom in/out with just the mouse-wheel either.
Where exactly am I to go to fix it back?
I am using Blender in Ubuntu. Since I had to do quite some keyboard customizing to get it working, I would rather not use any “resetting to original” kind of solution.


I don’t get it. As you can see, both are checkmarked, yet it’s not doing it.

I have already logged off Ubuntu, it didn’t make a diff. I’ll restart the pc now…
Nope! It didn’t help. I have tested the mouse in a files manager window, and it does scroll up/down with the m-wheel. So the problem is not the mouse.

Thanks in advance,


Never mind…
It only took me to get out of the Texture Paint mode to fix that. Go figure!