I can not figure out what gives this objects its reflections

So its like there is a world HDRI some place but I can not find it. I do not see it in the shader editor for world lighting. I do not see a image texture node in the shader node editor. So I am confused by this.
I do not see any images in the material editor or the world editor I do not see where these images are stored. ? But I can purge them. I do not understand why the object can be unlinked and invisible.

I can not upload this file it says it is too large. I did delete the images out of it
I deleted EVERYTHING out of this blend file and it still says it is 4 meg. I don’t get that.
There is stuff going on behind the scenes here that is ultimately complicated.
I downloaded stuff from blenderkit then I deleted it all I thought. But it appears the blender file still contains something but I have deleted it all out. I do not understand any of this.

deleted this because I addressed the issue in a different post. I am in the dark here about a few things when it comes to linking and appending and how object data is being used objects.

You are in Material Preview mode which has its own environment map.

When I purged from the file, it deleted a bunch of blenderkit preview images. But not enough to get it down to sensible size. I expected stuff in different scenes or something like that, but I couldn’t find anything. Sorry, but on this one I’m clueless.