I Can not move Objects in this sceen

So I want to make a large hollow bell like object that will reflect light on my main object.

But when I make large object like this. - Suddenly G will not move things. Suddenly I can not select the light object and move it with the G key. Any guesses how to fix this ?
WontMove.blend (988.0 KB)

yes i also have the problem,
but if I turn off the OpenGLdepthPicking,
it seems to work better,

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Maybe you are too far / near from the sphere , you can click on the NUMPAD_DOT to look straight on your selected object , or you may have missed the origin point ( the yellow dot in object’s middle ) head to the top menu and find the set origin option then choose what you like , if that didn’t work … then maybe your object is massive and blender can’t handle it idk :man_shrugging:t4:

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