I can not reply to a thread I created.

Hi there.

I have created a post in “Modeling” and have gotten a reply.

When I then try to make a reply again, it says that my post will not appear until a moderator has approved.

But nothing happens.

Am I doing something wrong ?

Did not think that it had to go through a moderator, each time I reply.

Any advice ?


http://blenderartists.org/forum/faq.php Link to FAQ at the top of the forum page

  • [B]Limited Rights on new users.

[/B]- These restriction apply to prevent spam and bot attacks

  • New users are users with a post count below 10 (Hint: add some valuable critics to the “Forum Gallery“)
  • No URLs allowed in posts
  • Posts may be caught by the sites auto-moderation. If you don’t see your post right away this is most likely what has happened. If your post does not show up within 24 hours please PM a moderator to see if they can look into it further.