I can pause a game but can't resume it. Why is that?

I’m using the ‘suspend scene’ function in the ‘scene’ actuator to pause the game but when I use the resume scene function it doesn’t resume the scene. Why is that? Also is there a way to have two functions for a button? like if i pressed P for pause and then P to continue. Is it possible?

It’s because the scene is suspended so is no longer running logic, therefore it can’t run the logic to resume itself, you’ll want to add another scene which can then be used to resume the previous one.

Genious! :confused:

Like this?

add a new scene (scene.001) add camera.

select camera on (scene)

add keyboard sensor “P” > and _scene > suspend scene (scene)
\ scene > add overlay scene (scene .001)

then on new ( scene .001) select camera.

add keyboard sensor “P” > and _ scene > resume scene. (scene)
\ scene > remove scene (scene.001)

Maybe add a plane with text “Pause”

Is the the proper way?

theoldguy, yep, that’s the exact setup I’ve always used.

Yes, that should work. Just make sure that you have “tap” selected on the keyboard sensors or you will get flashing scenes.