I can really use some help! What's wrong with the bones.

So i’m having problems on blender with the rigging, this is the first time i actually got it right but there’s one flaw. Please take a look on this picture:

Picture One: The bones are in the right position on Pose Mode.
Picture Two: When i click the leg with the bone, and move it the way i want it to, it follows the position in the bone, there is no error.
Picture Three: I wanted to move the model forward so it can walk, I select all the bones of the Mesh and i move it by the Y axis, what i notice is that the bone isnt attached to the Mesh.
Picture Four: I move the leg bone to see what happens when i move it and when I did move it, the leg of the mesh deforms, i tried moving the bone for the head and the head stretches.

What can i do to fix this? So the bones and the mesh can be attached without it deforming.

I don’t really have any idea what it could be but, if you post a blend file with the problem someone or maybe even me can help.

I can understand if you don’t want to upload your model, in that case you may want to make a rough stick figure and rig it the same way to reproduce the problem. You may even figure out what went wrong doing this.

Same kind of problem was asked in the form little earlier. In his case he key framed the object movement instead of the rig. Did you key frame the rig?

I’m pretty new to rigging, I just selected the object then the rig and then parented them with automatic weights.

Do you have any modifiers other than the armature? This looks like a typical case of double transforms.

Once your mesh is attached to a rig you can no longer move the object, only the rig, and the object should follow. This is a non negotiable consequence of rigging that is not like other child parent relations because to deform the mesh predictably the distance between the mesh and the armature has to remain constant once the relation is established.
In fact once you parent an object to an armature you should just go ahead and lock all the transformations (translate, rotate, scale) for the object - you won’t be using them anymore …

Bear in mind I’m just going by the screenshots - any other problems with your file are invisible.